The Dancer

Beautiful traditional dancer JOgjakarta.

Puppet Shadow theatre

Performances of shadow puppet theatre are accompanied by a gamelan orchestra in Jogjakarta


a traditional food from Yogyakarta,made from young unripe jack fruit


The world’s largest Buddhist temple.


Landmark of Jogjakarta.


Sabtu, 05 Januari 2013


Welcome to the oficial website ASITA DIY

Dear Sir / Madam

Welcome to the official web ASITA DIY 

Mr. and Mrs. 

We are proudly inform you that we have done a refresher web with the intention to be able to communicate more closely with all members of ASITA Jogjakarta.

This will coincide with the convening Jogjatravelmart 2014, we hope this website will become an integral and mutually supportive. 

we hope that through this web communication among members ASITA DIY will be well maintained and all activities will be informed properly.

Feel free to provide input for the perfection of this web

Edwin Ismedi Homna